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Official accredited member of Prozorro and Prozorro.Sale, the largest platform of commercial tenders by the number of open online trades every day

History and achievements

Our story began in 2013, with a small team burning with the idea of ​​creating a cloud-based solution that would simplify procurement for private companies. At the start, we had about ten people who simultaneously performed the functions of support service, sales department, and testers and assigned tasks to developers. Since we started with several dozen registered customers, at first all tenders announced on were processed "manually": we independently searched for tender participants who could supply the goods or services required by the customer. We also constantly traveled to different parts of Ukraine to present the advantages of our site and attract new procurement organizers and suppliers.

Gradually, the number of users grew and currently exceeds 110,000. With our help, Ukrainian business representatives were able to transfer their purchases online and began to spend much less time on them compared to paper tenders, and thousands of suppliers gained easy access to such purchases.

In 2015, when the Prozorro public procurement system was created, our team took an active part in its development and launch. At that time, we already had considerable experience in supporting the online platform and could offer the best solutions for implementing the procedure of transparent tenders. After the successful launch of Prozorro in 2016, became one of its official platforms.

In the same year, we were among the first to start cooperating with another electronic trading system – Prozorro.Sale. At that time, only auctions for the sale of assets of the Individual Deposit Guarantee Fund were placed in it. They were gradually joined by objects of state property and small privatization, permits for the use of the subsoil of Ukraine, and the rental of wagons. And a little later – the lease of state and communal property and land plots. With the appearance of new types of auctions on Prozorro.Sale, we immediately develop the necessary functionality.

In 2018, we went even further and created Signy – our electronic document management system. And a little later, in 2020, it was integrated with the platform so that our users could sign documents with an electronic signature right away on the page.

We are proud that the value of our work was noted by the All-Ukrainian Industry Analytical Center – in 2020, SmartTender was recognized as the company of the year for its significant contribution to the development of the region's economy, achieving leadership in the industry and excellent dynamics of the company's development.

In February 2021, our site became one of the first to receive all five possible levels of Prozorro accreditation. Thanks to this, can be used not only by procurement organizers and suppliers but also by Centralized Purchasing Organizations that carry out aggregated procurement.

We are constantly working to make the site convenient and functional for users. For example, in 2021, we radically updated the interface of the commercial organizer Smart Procurement's office, as well as launched a tool for analyzing competitors in procurement.

Today, SmartTender consists of more than 100 experienced specialists, including representatives of the following areas: support, lawyers, marketing, developers teams, and the Signy electronic document management team.

9 years
Presence in the procurement market
TOP 200 Forbes
Every third is a user of the site
over 10,000
Purchases daily
more than 110,000
Registered users

Directions of work on

The site presents all areas of activity for business representatives and state organizers. The role map will help you decide on the appropriate direction of work at
Prozorro public procurement
A direction in which manufacturers and suppliers can make money by selling goods and performing services and works, and public companies can quickly cover the need for purchases. All Prozorro tenders are available here
Prozorro public procurement users have 24/7 access to all state tenders and can receive selections of the most interesting purchases if desired
SmartTender commercial tenders
A direction for suppliers who want to sell goods and services to private companies or buy illiquid at commercial auctions
SmartTender commercial tenders
We are the largest platform for commercial tenders in Ukraine in terms of the daily number of open online auctions — more than 7,000 business representatives regularly make their purchases on the site. Participation is free for suppliers
Prozorro Market
An analog of commercial online stores, where business representatives sell their goods and services. Buyers can only be state institutions
Prozorro Market
Suppliers qualify only once in the required category of goods or services of the marketplace, and can then sell indefinitely without preparing a package of supporting documents. Customers have the opportunity to quickly purchase consumer goods at current prices through direct purchase
Smart Procurement
A tool for the commercial customer that allows a company to close its purchasing needs, save money and find suppliers quickly.
Smart Procurement
Smart Procurement The personal account contains all the necessary functionality for quick and profitable purchases, allows you to fully automate all related processes, from the collection of applications to the signing of the contract, and is supplemented according to the needs of the customer
Prozorro.Sale auctions
Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to quickly find the required property for the needs of their own business: premises for an office or cafe, a plot of land, wagons for transporting goods, etc.
Prozorro.Sale auctions
Auctions for the sale or lease of objects of state and communal property, privatization, car rental, subsoil use permits, and bank assets. All Prozorro.Sale auctions are available here 24/7 and you can set up a subscription to a selection of the most interesting objects

State organizers

the average number of suppliers in one tender
3 minutes
takes the creation of a tender
more than 2,200
Prozorro Market qualified suppliers

Commercial organizers

average level of competition in trades
more than 100,000
registered participants on the site
up to 30%
reducing the expected purchase price


over 10,000
commercial purchases daily
over 30,000
public auction monthly
more than 10,000
registered state and commercial auction organizers

Organizers and participants of Prozorro.Sale auctions

more than 1,300
registered auction organizers
more than 6,900
of announced auctions per month
successful auctions

Why do companies choose

Legal support
Legal support
From a one-time consultation to full support of participation in the procurement – services from the site’s lawyers who help participants analyze tender documents and competitor applications, prepare a proposal, file complaints with the AMCU, etc.
Demo review
Demo review
A 15-minute overview of the platform interface with a manager who will help the user familiarize themselves with the available functionality, quickly register and start working with auctions
SmartTender Academy
SmartTender Academy
A training section filled with practical webinars and step-by-step instructions that will be useful for both beginners and experienced users of the platform
All tools for convenient work
Competitor analysis module, electronic signature of documents, factoring, integrated Signy electronic document management system, and much more
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