Electronic commercial bidding for the purchase

What is commercial procurement?

Commercial procurement is the acquisition of goods or services carried out by commercial enterprises.

What documents are needed for commercial procurement?

Tender documentation is approved by the initiator of the procurement and is performed in a free-style format. Usually, the package of documents includes such sections as:

  • direct invitation to trading;
  • commercial inquiry;
  • qualification requirements for suppliers;
  • project requirements and documentation;
  • conditions for applying for participation in the tender;
  • regulations of participation for suppliers.

What can one buy at a commercial auction?

The range of possible purchases is huge:

  • consumables, transport, real estate, technical equipment, recyclable materials, etc.
  • provision of services and execution of construction, technical, logistics and other works.

The goods can be both sold and leased.

How are procurements regulated at commercial auctions?

Given the lack of legislative framework regulating commercial procurements, regulation of this procedure is carried out in accordance with the terms of the customer and the rules of the electronic trading platform on which the purchase is intended to be made.

How are commercial procurements carried out?

To start working with commercial procurements in Ukraine, you need to register on the electronic platform as the organizer of the auction. Having access to your personal account, the user can organize procurements he or she is interested in. This process is intuitive – you just need to fill in all the fields.

Procurement is made in the form of an auction or a request for proposals (market analysis).

Tenders are classified according to different parameters:

  • admissible membership of the participants: open ones (all can participate) and closed ones (only specially selected and invited companies can participate);
  • changes in tender requirements: one-stage ones (without negotiation) and two-stage ones (with negotiations, finalization of project requirements, analysis of proposals and the final choice).

After determining the winner, a tender protocol is drawn up, in which all the actual stipulated conditions are fixed. It is a document describing the results of the auction. Terms of its signing are regulated by the tender documentation of the customer.

The last stage is the signing the contract with the winner of the tender.

How much does it cost to place a tender for procurement?

The SmartTender electronic platform offers a basic (UAH 3000 per month) and an advanced (UAH 6000 per month) tariff plans for placing tenders for procurement. The advanced package includes additional features, the description of which can be learned from the manager. Moreover, in case of need, the customer can request individualization of the interface, reports and tendering processes, communication with the ERP-system and other personal functions. In this case, tariffs are discussed individually.

Advantages of cooperation with the SmartTender platform in terms of commercial procurement

The SmartTender electronic platform offers advanced solutions for commercial procurements. These include simple registration, profitable conditions, an understandable and modern interface, analytics and adaptive tools that make procurement as simple and effective as possible.