Public ProZorro Procurement

What are ProZorro public procurements?

Public procurements are procurements on behalf of public authorities and their affiliates. At the moment, all tenders of this kind pass through the ProZorro system.

ProZorro is an open official website providing centralized access to all information about electronic public procurements.

Within the framework of government tenders, there are subthreshold and above-threshold procurements. Customers who have announced electronic procurement with the expected subject value up to UAH 200,000 for goods and up to UAH 1.5 million for works and services fall under the first category. More large-scale procurements (above the amounts indicated) are classified as above-threshold ones.

This division led to differentiation of procurement procedures. Subthreshold ones may be arranged in three ways:

  1. Open procedure
  2. All interested people have the right to submit their proposals. In order for an auction to take place, at least two participants are necessary.

  3. Competitive dialogue
  4. It is carried out if the customer does not have sufficient knowledge on the desired type of work or services and, accordingly, needs to negotiate with the participants.

  5. Negotiated procedure
  6. It is used by the customer as an exception and occurs as a contract with the selected participant after negotiations with one or more participants.

The rules for carrying out subthreshold procurements are regulated by the Order of the State Enterprise "On Approving the Procedure for the Implementation of Subhreshold Procurement" and are most closely related to the algorithm for holding open tenders. The difference lies in the cost of the subject of procurement and the package of required documents.

Non-residents interested in Ukrainian public procurements can participate in the so-called European trades within the framework of the European procedure – a special type of procurement published in English with an estimated cost higher than 133,000 euros for goods and 5,15 million euros for works and services.

How are ProZorro public procurements regulated?

According to the Law of Ukraine "On Public Procurement", which came into force on April 1, 2016, all public procurements must be conducted in the ProZorro electronic system through trading platforms that have received the necessary accreditation. The presence of all four levels of accreditation makes it possible to conduct subthreshold and above-threshold purchases for customers and suppliers.

Participants have the right to choose any accredited platform in accordance with their own needs and preferences. When placing a tender on one of the platforms, it is automatically duplicated on the rest.